Friday, September 30, 2011

Let's go!

Lift me up, tear me down whatever do you choose
I can live here and I can't live there nowhere is better
when everything has another I can't decipher if I like you or want you.
I just settled and never let go I loved once and I can love again.
Leaves below cold winter brings shadows a mist balling up a fist
feel my air is it frozen with in your lips inside me I am fire nothing loathes more than seeing your lies. Kissing angels in the night sky close my eyes and here you are
yes it's me and you happier than life could ever be surreal
you say we click I say we are done the ice is thin now skate away before it's too late
I laugh tears of blood no way can I ever be true sitting here in my throne
where are you my king? Ah yes no one can be mine everything is a slow slippery slope take my rope and pull yes, yes go inside of me deep see me bleed within my heart
I hold nothing but an empty box the key is here in my mind can you see it?
it sits up there little one. Can you grab it? Go ahead, hold it within your hands oh, only at your fingertips? The barStool can't hold you, down you go into my river of dreams behind my eyes
so slowly I open my mouth words of the serpent hang within a thrust on my lips
you kiss no more do I feel warm for you in my loins I gasp for that touch,
the yearning of love and fire. oh the lust for my brainiac he must be here not there
nothing in between this gaping hole. I birth yours nevermore ...I despise what you hold behind your back a knife so sharp so smooth lay into mine as you seduce me with your words
Seduce me with your hate and loneliness. I never thought being alone could hurt so bad.