Saturday, April 26, 2014

Manipulation at its finest.

Tried it again like a dumbfuck. Debra is trying so hard to ride my gravy train without getting her own. We were supposed to be heading out in a week to take care of housing stuff and she just has to fuck with me. I told her you have to go to a shelter and she knew this already. She doesn't want to take care of her own shit. 

Instead she'll continue to fuck with me. Leaving the front door open for everyone to see what is in my house. The cat is a fucking nuisance. I don't like cats and she still keeps bringing that little cunt in my house. I have allergies and somehow I am to blame. I don't like waking up to go and get breakfast and first thing she talks about is, TAZ TAZ TAZ TAZ. Fan blowing, all windows open, loud as fuck. 

The bitch is OBSESSED. I was like, "I just woke up. I don't care". I feel disrespected. I am trying hard and all I get is stepped all over. Yes, granted I am seriously stressed out. I got my car back and now I have two bills I have no help from anyone. But yet I am the culprit. I admit, I was nasty. I get annoyed and feel used. I buy food with money I don't have because whale-ass is so self absorbed with Wendy and Taz she eats and eats all night and all day.

Mind you, I am sneezing and tasting blood from the fucking cat. I told her the cat has to go outside during the day. She tells me she will become Feral and blah blah blah. I told the bitch get rid of the cat BEFORE she came to my house. It is my responsibility to take care of that cat because you're homeless? I don't think so. Then Joanne wants to be the little voice in the back and say, "We don't want to get rid of our pets!" with a whiny voice. You should've thought about that when you decided to smoke away your money!

I gave you a place to stay. Let it be the last time. EVER. I am glad they're staying in Rochester. I will leave with dignity. I don't need to put up with this anymore. Telling me Akin and I can do our plans like a tennis match. Who the fuck do you think you are? Queen Debra, Of G---- ---Drive? No, sweetheart get your priorities straightened out.  

Now she tells me I am switching my plans. I was to bring her downstate to a shelter and I was to take care of my apartment situation. Tells me I am selfish with my personal space. The fuck? I don't want her living with me permanently. I don't. And that's my choice. I helped out long enough. She said, "oh, DSS will consider me sleeping on your couch as an outlet to a homeless shelter". 


I told her, no. That's not how it works. Whenever someone is taking advantage of you, you'll feel it. You'll feel the burdens of not being able to walk freely through your house because a mattress is spread out on the living room floor with limited space. I am tired of this. I wake up everyday to hear her burdens are my responsibility. I am not taking the baggage, If you decide to  tell someone, "No you can't stay with me". That's your choice. I shouldn't have to succumb to her drama I have lost hope and happiness because here she comes with her shit.

She tells me I am evil and I am this and that. Then she tells me to wait until the end of the month to take care of housing. Why? so you can benefit from it? Sure enough...the argument was about her moving with me to my new place. What? No. That won't happen. sorry. I think it distinctively says on my lease, only for one person any additional person needs to be added to the list. Am I wrong?

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Monroe Community College loses part of their stafford loans

So today I was browsing through my loans for the summer time to make sure everything is up-to-date and on time. Well, I noticed my federal pell grants are in...and my summer subsidized is in but not my unsubsidized loans. So I was thinking, hmm, maybe I forgot to do something or I haven't met one of my goals. 

So yesterday, I called Financial Aid at Monroe Community college to find out what the deal is. I was put on hold for 5 minutes and finally a lady answers. I gave her my school information and she was kinda abrupt and subtle. I asked her" what was going on with the Unsub loans?" and she dryly said, "oh too many students defaulting so you lost your loans". I was like," Um, what? I pay interest on my loans every three months.My heart went to my ass and so I felt my face draining color out of fear..I thought, shit I defaulted?! how?! this is a joke!" And she said, oh well you're okay, but it is the other students. And how people are not responsible and blah blah blah.

I asked what is going to happen. She said she can have a loan officer contact me. That never happened. so I called Student aid for the U.S government because they are the ones who can change the loans whenever certain criteria is not met. So, in this case Monroe Community College has a 16% graduation rate and a 61% default on loans. This is not good. Someone is profiting from money but not giving out the proper education or giving students the chance to succeed.

So right now what the Woman told me was, summer unsub loans are a no-go for 2014. And other loans are at risk of going, bye-bye . So she said, "my suggestion is you switch to another school." Wonderful, great jon, MCC! You are officially retarded. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Taking another approach

The battles I face day in and day out don't measure up to the pain that comes along with it. I am ready to move, most things have been packed but I still face the biggest dilemma. Affordability and not being able to pay my security deposit. Why? because I don't have a husband who can help me on the next level. I have tried to be self-sufficient. And I will find a way. I always do.

Straight up. 

Fuck people in every way.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rough road ahead

I am trying to keep myself together as I move out of Rochester. I found a place but the money to get a movers truck is complicated. I've asked Akin over and over to help me and he hasn't. The only time he helped me was to give me money to get Debra and Jo tickets out of my house and to a state of their choice. Other than that he wasn't inclining to offer me anything other than that. 

Sometimes I ask myself what makes him who he is and how come I don't I love him anymore? I am not attracted to him. We still speak via text but to verbally talk is not something we do on the regular.He complains of headaches. He is always on his PlayStation and has no regard to life. I need at least $500.00 to get me to CT and to pay a deposit. I am no longer concerned about what his problems are. Because what I am dealing with is real life issues.

For someone who spends all day in the basement of their parent's house, greasy hair, improper hygiene, no resources of their own is kinda appalling and disgusting. Who does that? What will he do when his parents are dead? I can't deal with the shit. My car is in the shop because this negro side swiped my car while going 60 miles an hr turning from the corner. The weave hat hoe took out my bender and headlamp. Good thing I am fully covered so I have a rental. 

I have to pay the deductible. Yippee. But on the police report she is at fault so I have to wait for the other insurance company to reimburse my deductible. I can't wait to move so I can have lower insurance. The stress I have is paying for the Truck to move me from here. that's the hassle. Hopefully I can find a cheap moving company.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

I'm moving!

May not be the greatest place but it'll beat being without a place. :-) very happy.