Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Looking back at my blogs

I was reading my blog from when my sister first came to stay with me and sure enough I was being used. She went to CT with me several times and refused to go to a homeless shelter to start her own housing. When you're homeless and jobless you go to a homeless shelter to help build up your housing and to help you get a job. 

To go and live with a relative and put a burden onto them constantly is wrong and causes strains in your relationship, and it's selfish. To say I am the one that is wrong is twisted. I had to go to a DV shelter and build my own life back. I came back with a positive step and here Debra was trying to ruin it. She poured urine on my carpet when she first came to my house like a dirty nigger. 

Claims she is above all that. Yeah, right. lies, lies and more lies.

She also drew graffiti on my closet wall when she decided she was going to stay in there for several hours until her defenseless girlfriend came to rescue her from her trivial disasters. I have made mistakes in letting her come to my home. I only did it because I thought it was the right thing to do. But now after all the stress and pain I was put through I will no longer be helping her out. 

"When you have a piece of bread and you're hungry and you have a sibling who has no food you will most likely split that piece of bread. But when the sibling reaches over for your piece as well, fight to the death will occur".

Moved out of New York

So I finally did what I said I would.I left Rochester, N.Y and moved home to CT. I have a one bedroom townhouse living on my own. I kicked my freeloading sister out of my old apartment in Rochester. The management company had to file a restraining order, she was wicked. I mean, she would tell private things to my boyfriend whenever she felt like doing low blows. She would eat all of my food and not replace it and when she did she would buy me kids meals at fast food places while she and her piglet looking girlfriend would eat fancy foods. 

She was evil and a user. I am glad to be rid of her for sure. When she was kicked out by my management company I felt relief. I know it seems harsh, but no one knows what I went through. Only the Lord, my boyfriend and my sister and her minion know what went down. They still try to use me even after they were kicked out. somehow it is my fault that Debra has no license, and now her Gf doesn't either. Because they chose to drive around with suspended car insurance and registration. 

I get it. Money is hard. but there are programs out there for people with no income. And to help you establish a better way of living. I was struggling for a long time. Akin doesn't help me out and he will be in Rochester while I live in CT. I am not living with anyone else right now. I have had enough of people using me.

So now I will finish College downstate and join a gym along with Church. Those are the things I can do. I will force myself to live up my life. I have no reason not to be focused. Going to move forward and not look back. And realize the past is the past. If it was meant to be in my future it would be right beside me through and through. People who didn't stand by me when I was going through my rough patches, never cared.