Thursday, February 19, 2015

It's only a tickle in the mind

One time, two times then maybe three. I only have one place to be. The fury so deep only one way to know if its steep. Look behind, look forward. Once together, once apart. Laying low in my heart I depart. little girl run away, see him grab you, devour you whole. Look down below and you will see
The demons playing in me.

Laughing now, crying later. Look at me and look at you. sticking my fist deep inside your soul. I laugh at you while you bleed. oh look! oh look! I did succeed! raping you, raping you deep inside me. I look in the mirrors shadows of glee playing so dummy of me. You like the clowns? They like you. Yes little me, they want too. Oh look, you like it so wet so dirty of you! Please, please don't scream, it makes you pee so it seems.

Ripping you to shreds every night, moan for me, not for them. Yes, sweet one, you are unclean.