Tuesday, January 21, 2014

That idea is null and void

I tried to do this over and over and it never works out. I wanted to invite my sister out to live with me. But the bitch is already planning on taking the money to other events like drugs and buying a used truck so she can fly over the Brooklyn Bridge instead of driving my small car. She insults my car and tried to insult my intelligence.

Bitch, you're living in squalor, on welfare. parking tickets and on drugs 24/7. You refuse to finish college because you're obsessing over a female who is in a long term relationship with two kids for over seven years who lives over the railroad tracks in the fancier areas of Greece, NY.While you live on the ghetto side of Rochester. 

I have worked hard to get where I am; the only person who even helped me out was A. I know what the problems are in Rochester, NY. And tried helping you to stick to your plans. You never do. You continue to pretend like things are getting better and not focus on the reality at hand. The eviction is in place. You are to be put out in a few days if welfare refuses to pay your back rent, because you chose not to continue your rehab treatment.

I am seeing now that no one else is going to be on the same page. Bitch, we are not on the same boat. You are living a lie. And people on facebook liking your fake statuses. Thinking you're being productive and motivated. The only motivation you have is going to the YMCA. That's an idea. let's see if you can function long enough without drugs to do it. 

The way you talk to me and to other people I don't know how anyone can like you. I think you find people who are lonely and make them believe you have it all. I am so tired of the games and fights with you. All I called you for was to see if you would have the deposit for the Apartment. Forget it now. I don't want to be around you; I can't stand you. 
You're neurotic.And a control freak for no reason. No one wants your controlled delusions. 

I guess I am going by myself then. Like always. I hate you. I wish to God I had another sister. This life is all types of fucked up. You will never be normal or think widely of others. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Made my blog private/personal issues.

I had this stalker from an old foster home I was in years ago. She is obsessed with my readings and then tries to outdo me like this is some type of competition. Bitch, live your life and stop riding mine. I hate her. God she is disgusting. Anyway...

Onto MY life. I am not moving to Connecticut anymore. I have changed my mind. Why? because of schooling and I need to finish a few things before departing NY state. And honestly, CT is looking pretty ragged and its pompous ways makes me wanna beat a bitch's ass. I don't have any friends there so why bother? SMH. I miss some things about downstate. I don't want to constantly live in my head.

So, I already started my school work unfortunately I need my school books to begin the second module in my science class. It's fairly easy, nutrition and how to be healthy. It is an elective. So that should be good. After this I can transfer to another College. I already know which one I want to go to. I was supposed to move to CT. But the reasoning for the change is because of my sister.

My sister was supposed to take some of her and Jo's refund money and move to L.I with it. Well at every turn she is obsessed with Taz Gough. It is so pathetic and saddening. This butch lady has a white wife and two round face munchkin kids. She doesn't want a bipolar BPD always manic stalking lunatic as a girlfriend. She has stalked this lady for over six years. Since 2007. I mean, after she up and left that should have been a clear sign.

I know it would be for me. I can't understand how someone who was almost complete in getting her bachelor's degree can up and just fly back to Rochester with no job, no income and act crazy. She wrote on my wall, she threatened my life. I had to sleep with an axe near my bed. She told me this lady was molesting her daughter so I called CPS. Come to find out none of it was true. I dunno whats going on.

This reason for my bitching is because I am tired of her using me for everything. Taking my DVD's and saying they're hers and clothes and sometimes boxed food out of my cabinets because she doesn't stop smoking pot and eats all her food in one sitting. She is addicted. She smokes bags and bags of it and doesn't pay rent on time, she lost her car. And she wants to buy another car with Jo's refund money but can't pay her bills. And she wants to live with me in my new place downstate.

I thought about it and was like, ok. Maybe this can work. It never does. She is not responsible. I can't do this anymore. I have responsibilities now. I have my own car note and car insurance and with her living with me nothing will get paid because I will be behind her cleaning up her mess and she will make things more complicated. I was supposed to meet her to do our laundry at the laundromat since she doesn't have a car and I was going to help out. Well, she used all the money for fast food and drugs.

It is never ending. I feel overwhelmed and stressed when I am around her I don't feel loved, respected or understood. She is demeaning, condescending, judgmental and just plain cuckoo. I don't do that all the time. I am an understanding person. If you work with me on reasoning we can make ends work. So I guess I am the one paying the broker's fee. Since her and Jo were supposed to help me but after careful thinking it over I changed my mind. Since she tells me, " Oh, I thought we were paying with jo's paycheck for that." LOL A true addict. Nope. Not going to do it.


Today I am really tired and Debra is manic talking my ear off. All she talks about is moving to another ghetto apartment. She is completely nuts. Yelling in the phone because she wants to be heard, made my ear hurt. I am not in the mood to be pushed around or feel weird or cautious around her. I am not moving with her anywhere. She can keep her ass right here until she figures out what her next move is. Seriously.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

nasty bitch, with missing rotted teeth.

Yeah, you bitch. How in the hell did you pull it off? How did you manage to reproduce and still be a disgusting pervert with your mental mindset? CPS is in order.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Black/white stud dyke women playing games

Okay I am up early today folks. Why? Because today we are going to talk about the lesbian world and how lesbian women are not- so- lesbian. First lets break this down in categories. 

In the Hood or the Ghetto world, A lot of games are played. From what I see. No truth is ever 100%. Or better yet, lies are in your face. I will give examples. 

Gender role playing is one of the biggest factors in the gay and lesbian world in the Ghettoes. We have:

1. Studs  
Now it seems pretty organized and self explanatory, right? No. Wrong. Studs are supposed to be men looking women who like women who look like women. Well for the most part. Some Studs like other studs. We also have A.G's which are softer than Studs. And they're more feminine. 

2. Femmes: The "gay" women who look feminine with lipstick, weaves, big butts, built like  a letter Z.  Studs go for the hoodrat type of girl. Hard up, money making hustlers with a bunch of kids. 

Now my theory on this game. From what I gathered 90% of these women like dick. But pretend to be filling a role of lesbianism. Or homosexuality. And the studs are trying too hard to be men. To me, they look like young black boys trying to protry the gender role of a man and live the lifestyle of one. As soon as a man comes along some of these women will suck, and fuck these men. And pretend to be gay and love a woman and even take care of kids or have some of their own. 

Last night I wanted to prove my theory by searching for dykes who suck and fuck dick. For as little as gas money or even for strictly pleasure. What shocked me and repulsed me was the sight of how these stud women looked while orally pleasing the opponent. They look like men with durags getting on their knees to please, so degrading and disrespectful to the TRUE lesbian community. 

Below I will show some videos of women who play these head games. So don't be fooled by the male clothes and dragging some of these so-called lesbians do. 

So be forewarned some of these videos may make you sick to your stomach. But in reality we need to show the world the truth of this sickness. Women need to seek help for their so-called gay lifestyle. I think it is more of a confused sexuality. Maybe even a mental disorder? 


Another one in case you're not convinced



But bisexual women are frowned upon ...somehow these lesbian women are the ones who are doing the dick loving marathons.So now moving on to the white butch world. Simple stuff butch dykes and their ladies. Nothing else to see other then some white butch women like to have sex with men. I never personally had sex with a white woman. I don't know why, I think the opportunity never arisen. Okay so let me go and search for some videos.


That's all I could find at the present moment. I might not be looking in the right places. I am sure more of this goes on without the camera present. So ladies my point is this, stop playing games. I am beginning to think no one is exempt from penis. Penis is the fruit of life. Most people want it. Whether they care to admit or not. So as of this day forward I will never look at another dyke the same again. I'll see all manly looking women on their knees taking that cock deep into their throats. Women who date straight women are into dick too. Sorry, it's just a game people. Ever noticed a dyke can't even stay  faithful in a  relationship? And most dykes go from lady to lady. Because there is no "middle ground." They are not domesticated, they want to be, but because of a chemical imbalance this never takes place, only the courting and grooming then in a few years they're onto the next one.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I hate you.

I am sitting here in my house and I think how much I really despise Akin. I don't want to marry this guy he is good at sex and that is it. Even 99% of the time I don't want that. The reason I don't like him is because he put a wedge between me and his parents. He lied to them during our blow outs and made them believe him and take his side. Who the fuck does that? Especially if they're trying to "marry" someone. He lies to his parents about College. He doesn't go to College but has them believing he is genuine and loyal. He made me pick him up at another street because he doesn't want them to know he is fucking me once n' awhile.But anyway, nothing is what it seems. I don't think I am the only one who leads this fictitious relationship. And to be honest I am not looking for a fictitious relationship. I am eager to start over. And the only way to start is by doing what I've been doing, cutting his time here at my house. So I need to go and drop him off soon. Because of the snowstorm that is coming, since he doesn't seem to give a shit and expects me to drive through it like Houdini. Fucker. I didn't have to get him, I could have just stayed home and ignored him. Ok word of wise, if you don't like a particular city or County chances are you won't like the people. So don't live there and don't fuck the people from there or establish a connection with them.