Wednesday, December 24, 2014

So many changes, made new friends, found a new love

I am happier now then I have been over the years. A lot has happened since the last time I came on here.I met Ali who is a woman I met in foster care. I am in love and unsure. She loves me and through her I met others who accepted me as I am. Trust is a big factor for me and I need to gather it and understand it. 

My sister and I had a falling out and it may be more permanent this time. She has done a lot to me that no one should have done. I gave up things in sacrifice for her happiness. She is someone I never would trust again.When things fall apart I am the one she goes to and I don't mind that but being alone with her brings me sadness and great turmoil.

I left Akin for good. We speak from time to time I don't make him a priority when I was only his essential outlet for sexual servitude. I am happy to admit I am a Lesbian. And nothing can change that. I never really appreciated men in a bonding retrospect. 

Shonta ...boy that ex is definitely an Ex for a reason. I tried to reach out she is pregnant with some mans love child and honestly, her lifestyle is different from me. I am not interested in that type of life. 

I am Wicaan, I found a circle of people with whom I appreciate. And will never change it for the world.

I miss one friend from NYC more than anything and I hope she is well and is loved. I always felt she was a sister to me and is also Wicaan at heart she doesn't know it yet. I wish I met her and the baby. 

I will moving from CT to DE. Yes, it's my destiny.