Sunday, November 5, 2017

Come within.

Give me a piece of your mind then, oh yes, we can't win
Not any flesh of sin; go ahead daddy take another sip of that gin
No one cares, while you are deep within, yes daddy deep within
That carnal flesh....oh gee this is the life we live in. Lips are sealed
No touch is just any touch, they take, we breathe and take it all in.

Yes, Honey, this is the life we live in. Get used, like honey, they lick it up
the bees are watching, buzzing around me watching me cum.
As he suckles the honey off my tender nipples. Only this big bad boy, teeth gone, only he can defile me into perfect sin. So sick, bugs crawling in the skin I live in.

No girls allowed, waiting to be punished for the taste of  my women still in my mouth,
and the tongues of shadowed serpents so sharp like daggers
come into the darkened room to compete with him to
taste the flesh between my legs, hands all over me like sticky honey
This is the world we live in.

Your lips so soft, I close my eyes the light is so bright, soft wind
touching my fingertips like soft petals of the peonies. You are the petals to my lips
the warmth of your soul dancing against my skin; yearning to be free
by my touch, and whispers as I get closer to your throbbing sex.