Saturday, January 14, 2012

Simple little pleasures

When I felt your lips taste mine nothing mattered more than to define you. I wanted to be part of you, and without checking I leaped in the cold waters blindfolded only to see deception as your highest most profound taste of flattery. I left this table, quick and fast. I said, "No way, will my mind be a deck of cards!" I went back to my courtyard and looked at the pebbles in the street afterall this was the life I lived, the life of luxury and nothing more .I now see the prevalent scores in my path are not yours or mine to decipher but the justice of our inner-being that leads to life decisions like a paradox we are closed and repeating itself but never trul existed. How my heart pounds hoping tomorrow is real and nothing else will ever fail again oh, I wanna believe I wanna see why, when, who and what will be my love. Why wait for a reasoning? Why believe you are real? I like to use my mind to see things, find things figure things and work on things my mind never rests nothing is ever forgotten nothing is ever 100% closed out. I hate lies and secrets I want to dissect them figure out what makes a person have a mind so closed off it's a binary file. It's a zipped file kept in a private setting no one can break it. I want to let go of the past onto the present because no one else can be quite like you. Are you my significant equal? Or are you just another person passing into my zone onto the next? Yeah. I guess I will just poke my hand with a fork to wake up from such stupid thoughts. Goodbye.