Friday, October 4, 2013

The top is almost here.

I am almost where I want to be, not quite but my goals are there. I am going to ___ next week. It has been set in stone. However I don't want to have my freeloading sister there. It'll just be me and the BF. Tired of her always needing something. What if I want to splurge on myself and not have to share? She told me today I was selfish despite the fact she had all the same luxuries as me or potential and she didn't take the money she had and used it wisely? She would get refund checks and use it on drugs and broken down cars instead of getting a nice place to live and use her money for the things she needed. I paid my care note this month, and I have four other bills to pay plus a possible down payment on an apartment in ----. She doesn't get it, these things cost money. All she cares about is what she can get out of me. It aggravates me and disgusts me. I am going to only give her like 300 because I need this money for myself. It's not a whole lot and will be gone in a few days time.