Saturday, September 8, 2012

Met someone from Egypt/College/Happy

I am very happy these days, everything is working out just the way I wanted...well almost. I started classes on Sept.5th since Monday was Labor day. I canceled out my Algebra class to settle for a lesser level of math, like I mentioned I am HORRIBLE at it. And always will be, I am a creator, a lover, a vigilante. Not some self serving bot who analyzes numbers with no perfectel meaning. Well, let's begin with my personal endeavors online. I haven't really had time to do anything but rest, I am very tired and caffeine-withdrawn doesn't feel very good. 

So yesterday I went on Facebook and received a message from a guy named, mina. NOOO...not that self absorbed twerp. A different one....THE one. Yes. I mean that in every emphasization allowed to man. I darkened the non produced word, "emphasization" because it should be word and for words to become existent they must be created by the writer to be analyzed by theorist. 

So back to the subject(s). 

Mina is a guy I met by accident, really. He was only found because at the time I was searching for the "other Mina". And of course when I saw this guy, I'm telling you my jaw hit the floor. I've never seen such a beautiful man.I was flabbergasted and instantly I forgot about the anally retentive nightmare. As time went on we clicked instantly. So he is going to be visiting me sometime next summer. I am so excited and hope we work out, I am taking it slow he is not a sex pervert looking for ao ne night stand...and he has the most beautiful hands. He does music and is Christian. He likes different styles of music and enjoys life he is not an attention seeker looking to fulfill his insecurities by dwelling on young promiscuous white girls. He is himself and enjoys talking with me. I feel so stupid for chasing someone who was a figure of my imagination. I appreciate Culture. And I appreciate those who love their culture and are happy to show you how much it means to them because as an American my culture was ripped from me so it is something I lost and can never be found. 

I am so tired. I ate too much, and I have sugar problems so I am not helping myself. I ate pasta, rice and salad with juice. Yep. too much I have to alternate my choices like rice OR pasta. not both. but hell I am so happy because mina is getting me curtains from Egypt. He sent me a video of him buying them. :-) It meant so much to me. <3 I felt my heart warming up to the probability that we will be together.