Monday, May 11, 2015

Truth About Butch Lesbians and gender identifying.

Let me just say this before I begin. Women are a gift and can be a curse too. However when it comes to the sexuality of women things become complicated. I think the reasons why Scientist cannot decipher the sexuality of women is because we are Unique. For example, Men who are born gay is found to be a hormone in the womb of the mother to be responsible for this. However, Women are not the same. 

Which leads me to believe Women are naturally bisexual. We can procreate and enjoy the sexual pleasures of our own sex. If we can masturbate ourselves and fantasize about different things, especially men who is to say we can't have sex with men?

I also think a lot of the times gender confusion and sexual identity is separate from preferring the same sex. I think a lot of women who dress like men have issues with their identity. Almost similar to women who transgender into men. Just not as severe. So if a woman who dresses like a man or has manly characteristics may see themselves as a male but still enjoy the sexual pleasures of a man.

Now, it would be excellent if their were self-help groups for transgender and women who prefer to be butch/stud. Some say let's not put a label on it...but...Society doesn't see it that way. We all have our own preferences and while I am all for LGBT support and same-sex marriage...I want to know what is in my Girlfriend's head when she likes to shave her head into a mohawk and wear men colognes. 

I love Butch women but don't become confused with yourself and when your femme partner decides to decipher every part of your being. If you're a true lesbian, stick to it. Don't tell every single chick you're with that every male sexual encounter was rape and you didn't want it.

These type of issues are a form of sexual dysfunction. I myself can say I had pleasurable experiences with men on a sexual level. I just know what I like and I am not ashamed to admit it. But it seems to me Butch women have serious issues with their identity. And so being a woman is not something they enjoy. They want to be identical to a man, and may even envy the power a man holds. (distorted thinking).