Monday, August 1, 2011

Funny little imperfection of mine.

Honestly I wonder how some people manage to cope with themselves. I am really thinking to myself how did I end up in Rochester, NY? They are filled with sociopathic, narcissistic, imbeciles. I mean social skills here are very limited and anything that is precisely concessive is relatively falsified with fake smiles and small time agendas. The men here are in some type of a hypnotic trance, I haven't quite figured it out yet exactly what type of trance but it is usually filled with materialistic gluttony.

And of course over eating to cover up the conscience that is slowly trickling away with each thrust of mental fuckery they have going on. I was lucky to even meet a guy from here, he is obsessively connected with me and wants to put his seed into me like the good Turkish man he is, Stifled laughter. And well, some how the puritans managed to make the middle eastern folk feel pure too! I mean we have Turkish men dating pure white women and other middle eastern men fit right into the typical stereotype of rochester.

And of course, they'll never be accepted 100% after 9/11 and yet they feel like they have some type of self entitlement by rejecting any woman of color only women they feel subjected to as their"equals" are, white women. When and how they came up with that idea is beyond me. I think it is time for me to start dating OUTSIDE Rochester, NY. Yeah. I see now no man here is interested in dating women who are of race. I like to think I am attractive, I'm biracial and very good with many things. But when you want to go for the best, that too, fails. Or maybe I'm looking for the WRONG type of right.

Sometimes, men are broken and cannot be fixed, and when a man of color decides to become Uncle Tom he too, gets fucked in the ass occasionally by his white counterparts. Yup. So when someone like myself tries to intervene and show Uncle Tom the right way to succesion I get slapped with rejection because I'm NOT Mr. Tom's  idealistic White statue of perfection. Fuck your mental fuckery, pal. Get off your donkey. No it is NOT a silver white horse. It may seem that way because when you were having animal sex with your white owner she made you feel like a million dollars. And then when your sex rendered useless she then moved on to another more useful animal. Yes. She gets her pussy licked by another slave. sorry.

Truth hurts. I know. But one day when you decide to stop eating so much and find a way to thrive you'll see white women don't want you, they want your culture, your oil money your submissiveness.

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