Friday, August 19, 2011

Simpleton with sextillion different thoughts.

How do you explain to yourself that some things are better left alone? I realize time and time again I have been a victim of men who enjoy using me for intercourse. Yes. Intercourse. I have a boyfriend of four years with more problems than Obama draining the economy. I mean, this guy has drug issues and hygiene issues and so many others things to mention. I am not going to go into details accept sometimes people think they can overrun society with their deceits and viscous motives towards women. I am going to get my revenge. I am not a 20 yr old hot slut with a brain the size of a grape nut. No. It's more complexed than that. My mind thinks extra sexual activity is fun until afterwards I feel disgusted and confused. Not sure to why I feel this way and wonder if I'll get over it. I guess I will not. If I could just find a way to figure what makes these men do what they do and what can we do to fix this. 

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